Pour Over

Coffee is very simple. If you want to make really great coffee, then you have to love it!
The love of coffee will make you notice the little nuances in each different type of coffee. Here's a brew we made earlier.

The Recipe
16 grams coffee | 250ml of water at 94° brewing temperature

The 1st Pour
Double the grams of coffee in water weight | 32 grams of water

Bloom Time
This depends on the roast date / freshness of the coffee you're using. It's best to watch the bloom and start the second pour when the bloom stops.
Most people aim between 30-40 seconds of bloom time as a starting range. 

The 2nd Pour
Maintain a consistent flow of water. No agitation is needed. Hand control is key.

The Output
The total average brew time should sit anywhere between 2.5 minutes to 3 minutes. This also includes your bloom time.